Do you wish you could carry a moment
with you everywhere?


Maybe it’s the feeling of the bubbling waves playing over your toes as you dance in the waves with your besties.  Or maybe you want to carry your awe of the night sky, with the dazzling swirl of the aurora borealis and beauty of deep space images. 

If you’ve ever questioned the statements “you can’t take it with you!” and “you can’t wear artwork!” and thought "Why not?!" then you’re in the right place. 

 Welcome home!

 At Manda Wylde Designs I incorporate my loves of both nature and feline friends to bring you lovely reminders to celebrate life and the many joys it brings.  From luscious layerings of glaze that mimic natural stones to intricate artwork of cats as watermelons(Watermeowlons and Watermewlons, thank you!), I bring you both elegant and furbulous ways to adorn yourself, carry special moments, and create and share new ones. 

Here’s to the celebration!

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