Helpful Information

Gentle, loving care will help ensure your piece helps you beautify the world for a long time to come.  This page includes:

Care, Wear, and Storage Information
Repair/Fee Process and Schedule

I love working with porcelain to create these pieces.  Bringing the same materials that are used for fine China pieces into the fashion realm creates great joy for me.  Their care is quite simple, we just have to remember that they are the same materials as those fine China pieces and give them the TLC they deserve.


Care, Wear, and Storage

To clean, simply wipe gently with a soft cloth.  It is not recommended to use a machine or creams/solvents for cleaning (in some instances, these items can damage the pearls or mar the finishes on the porcelain, including the precious metal lustre/overglaze applications).

 Your piece contains precious metal findings (chains, hardware).  To help brighten them up occasionally, rub gently with a precious metals polishing cloth.  Please avoid using the polishing cloths over the porcelain surfaces, as they may damage the precious metal lustre applied to the surface.  A simple soft cloth will work quite well on the porcelain and/or pearl areas of your piece(s).  All jewelry comes with care instructions on the jewelry card for your convenience.

To protect your jewelry, avoid wearing it in the pool or hot tub, as chemicals can oxidize your metals and damage your jewelry. Avoid putting on jewelry prior to (or with) lotions, creams, perfume, hairspray, and other body cosmetics.  It is also wise not to wear them when sleeping, gardening, or working out. In addition, children and pets should not be allowed to play with your jewelry.

Please gently place pieces in a safe place to store them when not wearing.  Securing them in a jewelry box and keeping them flat will help keep them from getting scratched or tarnished.  Storing them with an anti-tarnish wrap or tab will also help prevent tarnishing, which is a natural process.  It does occur over time, and rates concern temperature, exposure to sunlight, moisture/humidity, and natural body acidity.  


Repair/Fee Process and Schedule

Sometimes life happens and jewelry needs a repair or alteration along the way.

Sending me a clear photo of the piece allows me to see the piece and get a better idea of whether I can repair it.  Please send repair inquiries and photos to  Please do not try to send photos through the Contact portion of the website, as they do not come through.  If you reach out via the Contact page, please be sure to either add to your contact list or keep a close eye on your promotions/spam folder.  Emails are normally responded to within 2 business days.

In some instances, I am no longer able to create components for pieces.  This can be because I no longer work with the materials needed and do not have access to them any longer.  In other instances, I follow the schedule below:

Simple Repairs: 

     New clasp/crimp/jump ring/altering a piece's chain/wire longer:  $15 base price plus Retail Cost for new materials.

     There is not a materials charge for altering a piece down in length, unless we are changing materials(for example: necklace wire to chain or Sterling to Gold-Filled), in which the above fees apply.  Labor fees do still apply.

Complex Repairs:

     If I am rebuilding a porcelain component for a piece, there is a base price of $35 to cover firing fees, plus labor and Retail Cost for new materials.       

     Hanging on to your metal components and pearls gives us a better chance to keep your piece uniform after the rebuild. 


     Your memories and love are in your jewelry pieces, and I understand that (I have my own collection of pieces with loads of love and memories that I adore) and will do what I can to help preserve the piece when possible.  However, in some instances it is not possible, and I will be honest and up front about what I believe the best option will be.

Estimated fees are given before repairs begin.  Payment of at least half of this estimated fee via invoice is required to begin repairs, with the remainder of the finalized amount due upon completion and before pick-up or shipping.

Repairs can take 3-5 weeks or longer depending on the kiln schedule, show and order schedule, and availability of materials.


To initiate a repair, send an email to with clear images of the item: the full item and any detail images of the break/damage, along with any pertinent information (ex: I’ve lost a jump ring/earring hook and need to know if it can be replaced).  I will reach out to you with any further questions I have.  If I feel the piece can potentially be repaired, I will send you the shipping address and an order code.  Please include the code with your piece when shipping.

Jewelry that is returned for repair or alteration must be shipped in a rigid box and then placed inside of another rigid box, like a USPS Priority flat rate box. Please send your item insured for its full value, tracked and with signature confirmation.

I do not include shipping costs in repair pricing, nor do I cover them.  I will include the amount for shipping and handling for returning your piece to you in your final invoice.